Famous casino moments

“Crazy casino moments in history – you will not believe some of them!”

Monte Carlo Fallacy

Now, we want to kick off with this one story as it is truly incredible. So incredible, in fact, that it has become a psychological term in regards to gambling. You may have heard about “Gamblers Fallacy”, but the Monte Carlo Fallacy is a more widely known name. The concept is that you should never consider what happened in the previous rounds when it comes to a game of chance such as craps or roulette. Back in the 19thcentury, the craziest thing happened in Monte Carlo Casino. The roulette wheel stopped at “Black” an unbelievable 26 times in a row. Yes, 26! Now, since most players thought that “since it landed on black so and so many times already, it should land on red next,” millions were lost in a very short time. Most of the players went broke and went home outraged, thinking that the roulette wheel was biased or broken, but facts are facts. The previous outcome has nothing to do with the current game. Remember that, fellow gambler!


Grandma wins big

Another situation similar to the one above, but involving an incredible show of luck, happened at a Craps table in Atlantic City. There, an old lady called Patricia walked over to the Craps table after getting tired of playing her favourite slot machines. She barely knew what Craps was all about, but managed to guess the outcome of her roll an incredible 154 times in a row! Do you want to calculate the chances of that? They are astronomical. One in more than a trillion, in fact! The winning streak lasted for more than four hours, and even though nobody knows exactly how much she won, it was probably more than several million dollars. Now that´s what we call a lucky grandma!


FedEx exists due to gambling

Everyone knows about FedEx, the global courier delivery company. They have more than three hundred thousand employees nowadays, but it was a Blackjack table that is to “blame” for their success. See, at the early stages of their history, the CEO Fred Smith got stuck. The company had about five thousand bucks in the bank while at the same time their bills were mounting up. Smith was just about to declare the company bankrupt when he decided to give lady luck a go. He went to Las Vegas and gambled the five thousand at a Blackjack table. Amazingly, he won almost thirty thousand – and the rest is history!


Deporting the winner

This is probably the funniest story we have ever heard. And, according to rumours, it is not the only instance. The plot is simple. Some woman managed to win about a thousand dollars in a casino, but when she went to collect her winnings and was asked to show an ID, she failed to do so. After some questioning by local authorities, she confessed to being in the country illegally. So without further ado, she was deported to Mexico. And no, she did not get the thousand bucks.


“Find the best place to gamble online – start making money today!”

Big players in the industry

There are literally hundreds of casino brands out there, so which one should you choose? It is a difficult question, and it all depends on what you prefer. Do not let yourself be fooled with promises of gold and glitter – go for the serious casinos, which not only offer excellent customer service and loyalty programmes, but who also has a Responsible Gaming section, as well as at least one EU gambling license. Here are a few good alternatives:


Royal Vegas

If you are looking to play slots, this is probably the number one place to visit. Royal Vegas has more than 15 years of experience and boasts of more than 500 different casino games. Sure, they have Blackjack, Roulette, as well as numerous modern slot machines. But those are available at practically any online casino. The main reason to sign up at Royal Vegas is their selection of progressive slots. In fact, we are not sure why anyone would play slot machines without a progressive jackpot. Yeah, for a few minutes per day you could probably try out one of the 3D slots with animations and thrilling bonus games, but it is the progressive jackpots that really should draw your attention. How would you feel about winning a couple of millions from a single spin of 1$? Would you cry? Sure, tears of joy – that is for sure!


Euro Palace

Euro Palace has kept their focus on casino games (slots, table games, video poker), but they also have an extensive selection of other fun games like Bingo and Keno. These guys only have six years of experience, but have managed to climb to the very top of the food chain since their humble beginnings. What is the main reason for playing at Euro Palace? It is a purely European online casino. Europeans are used to high competition, and they know how to pick the best in everything. The best restaurants, best airlines, best hotels, and best online casinos. It is really fun to compare the designs of European and American websites. You would think that both of these “worlds” are modern and top-notch, but the Europeans are far ahead of their US counterparts when it comes to intuitive design and customer service.



Without a doubt, PokerStars is the biggest poker room on the internet. They have been in the game for so long, and with such tremendous success, that they now own more than 60% of the total market share. If you like poker, this is the place to be. Recently, they also added casino games to their selection, stepping into the realms of competitors who thought they could continue evolving on their own. Now, many people believe that PokerStars will dominate the casino world as well, pretty soon. If you are an early bid, they could just reward you with some awesome treats. Oh, and do check out their Caribbean Adventure tournament. With some poker knowledge and a bit of luck, you could be among the players they send to the Bahamas every year to play for more than a million dollars in prizes!

Best casino/gambling brands

Two guys approach you with similar business proposals; both have the potential to make you a lot of money. One of the gentlemen is smartly dressed, smooth, and charming. The other guy, however, seems like a nice fellow, but he’s kind of unkempt: his band t-shirt is obviously old, and he definitely doesn’t care too much about appearances. Which one do you go with? Whose proposal are you most likely to accept? We would all like to believe that we don’t judge a book by its cover and that beauty is only skin deep, but in all honesty weren’t you leaning towards working with the neater-dressed guy?

Brand Cool

Apply this logic to online casino brands and you’ll see it bears truth. The companies that attract the most customers and the biggest profits are the ones whose brand and marketing games are right on point. Take for example Full Tilt Poker, who has now merged with the equally successful PokerStars brand. From their inception they had a cool, slick look; the logo is practically iconic now. Full Tilt did a great job of following the number one rule in brand creation: Know your audience. Appealing to a broad demographic of hopeful card players they adopted a style reminiscent of the slick gambling movies we all grew up with. Their online presence was supported by stylish television ad campaigns and YouTube videos that not only explained game intricacies, but cleverly encouraged punters to sign up to the site. We might not all be so easily taken in by moody black-and-white photos of ice-cool card sharps, so their adherence to rule two – keep it simple – is applied in their sign-up bonus scheme, too. The attractive ‘Deposit €10, play for €20’ can be easily understood by the majority of those looking to play a little online.

Brand Fun

Equally important when creating an online casino brand is remembering that your customer wants to be entertained. Feeling like Steve McQueen in the Cincinnati Kid is all very well, but here should also be an aspect of fun about the play – it is called play after all. A relative newcomer to the scene is the Malta-based Casumo casino, which has a novel take on the online experience. Casumo users are encouraged to dive into a fantasy world of slots and games; it’s an adventure planet rather than a dingy poker room. Punters are assigned their own Casumo, a cute avatar alien who is nourished by fun and imagination, to get them invested emotionally. This is a clever approach by them as online gambling sites seek to attract the generation who are more used to skill-based online gaming than games of chance – they combine the two with great flair.

Standout brand Paddy Power is also not afraid to have ‘the craic’ with their customers. Having both significant land-based and online presence, the Irish bookies are consistently ahead of the game in offering quirky, fun futures bets on anything from politics to pinball. Alongside cheeky, irreverent marketing campaigns, Paddy Power keeps all aspects covered with sportsbooks, slots, and live casino games available online, and hilarious novelty bets too. It’s a slick, clever business model and definitely not on offer from the guy in the baggy t-shirt!